We Offer A WIDE RANGE OF Services

We help you by removing your stolen content and stopping spreading your work without any benefits for you!

identifying online pirates

We monitor over 2800 known pirate sites most included in our daily searches.

finding infringed material

We can quickly locate and identify the stolen material from our clients. Years of experience have taught us where to look first to maximize the impact and keep costs down

harvesting all the infringed files

Using both manual and automated harvesting methods we can quickly and fiercely gather all the stolen files

Filing the complaint

We take care of all the filing procedures on behalf of our partners and over 98% of our complaints are successful and the indicated material is removed

removal of stolen content

We always double-check that indeed all links we have sent in our complaints are down

removal from search engine

Stolen material is also removed from the google search engine. So far we have submitted over 25 million links

checking for reuploads

Reuploads of stolen material is always a great threat to content producers so checking for content that is re-uploaded is a standard operating procedure for us

special attention for Social Networks

Social networks have become a biog thing lately and so we offer special attention to all attempts of distributing stolen material in these environments

We also offer financial consultancy and accounting services through our long time trusted partners from MA Accounting Evidence


OUR Mission

stop losing money ON your content

Stop sharing the benefits of your work.

Our journey was not always easy but we have remarkable results to be proud of.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve never had issues removing pirated content from any social networks including Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

This depends on the company that received the notice. Search engines, including Google and Yahoo, may take up to ten days to remove the content. File sharing websites, forums, and video sharing platforms might take up to 4 days for removal. Web hosts might take three days or less.

Yes, we do have service packages but first, our team needs to search for your content on hundreds of pirated websites(we have in our database over 1000 monitored porn pirate websites). Based on that and how many domains you have and the level of your piracy we can establish a service package.
We do have services packages. Based on how many domains you have and the level of piracy* upon your content we can establish what package suits you the best.

* the level of piracy will be decided by our team after we scan and search for your content on our entire database of pirate websites.

We accept SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers.

We do not offer such services due to the high costs of legal procedures and due to the prolonged periods required to process such actions.

With the help of third-party companies involved in the process of keeping the infringement websites online, we do manage to remove the content from most of the pirate websites.

Is your content protected?

Don’t let them exploit your work!